We produce ethical and sustainable beef from our small herd of Jersey cows. Our aim is to raise our animal’s slowly on grassland and meadows that are otherwise not viable for agriculture and to promote wildlife in our fields.


 Our calves are kept with their mothers and are free to suckle and play in the meadows. All our animals retain their horns, like the iconic Jersey cows of old.


We believe sustainable livestock production is part of the solution to our environmental challenges. Correctly managed, livestock can maintain land that is otherwise not suitable for farming, capture CO2 and encourage biodiversity. Agriculture should mimic the natural world and our aim is to create a biological farming model that combines crops and animals and complements nature.



We are establishing a small flock of rare breed hens that will have unlimited access to forage freely around our farm. They will be the ultimate free-range hens, with foraging constituting a major part of their natural diet. Their rainbow coloured eggs contain rich golden yokes. Excess eggs will be available for sale but on a very limited capacity.