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We grow heritage varieties of cereal that are packed full of nutrients. We grow them sustainably, without chemicals.


We use our working horses wherever possible to minimise our impact on the environment and to reduce soil compaction. When we can't use horses we use lightweight machinery to minimise our carbon emissions.


We aim to farm WITH nature and to benefit the local environment.

We  plant 10% of our land in wildflowers.





Only the finest grains enter our award winning,

traditional stone mill.

Nothing else is added or removed.

The stones grind slowly, ensuring rich oils and nutrients remain within the flour and don't get lost or degraded like they do in modern processes.


Our wholegrain flour contains all the goodness of the grain: germ, endosperm and bran. Our farmhouse bread and white flours are lightly sieved to remove only the coarsest elements but retain all the rich oils from milling.


We sell the leftover bran or use it as a treat for our free range livestock.

- nothing is wasted -

It takes a little longer

but we think it's worth the wait.



No Fortification

No Separation of Bran

No Bleaching

No Chemical aging

No Nasty Additives

Pure simple flour, like it used to be!


Our flour is as pure as nature intended and contains no "self-raising" agents. If you want a good rise you simply need to add your own baking powder (Getting plenty of aeration into your dough will also help).

Being chemical free does mean that our shelf life is reduced, so to get the most out of your flour we highly recommend using within 3 weeks of opening - we mill regularly so fresh flour is always available!

Our super-fine white flour is a great replacement for regular flour in any recipe. It was created to offer our customers familiarity and simplicity.


However, it is our traditional wholegrain flour that offers the greatest health benefits, increased nutritional value and superior flavour.


The secret ingredient to a good wholegrain bake (and where a lot of first-timers trip up) is water... lots of water; up to double the amount used in regular flour recipes.


White flour dough can be made with as little as 60% of the flour weight in water. Wholegrain recipes need a ratio of at least 90% water and some award winning bakers use as much as 130% water! Their dough is almost soup like at first, but the results are unbelievable!


Half a cup of water was the only difference between these two

homemade loaves!!!!










Wholegrain dough also benefits from a longer rise. The longer the better. We recommend at least 6 hours, preferably more (vs 3.5 hours for white dough). Some award winning bakers leave their wholegrain dough's rise for up to 36 hours!!!!


Be persistent with your wholegrain baking and we promise you will never look back! For chewier cookies, crisp crumbles and delicious breads there is simply no comparison to a fresh wholegrain bake!





For you.....

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