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Shire Stallion

18.2 hh

Calm and reliable



Shire Gelding

19 hh

Gentle giant



Norman Cob

17.2 hh 

Full of French charm

The Shire Horse

The Shire is Britain’s largest and most iconic horse breed. Our Stallion Ringo is the foundation of our farm. His work ethic is unsurpassed, he is docile, dependable and works to verbal commands alone.  Ben is the youngest member of our team but is by far the largest - over 19 hands tall (193cm to the withers) and he weighs over a tonne! He was the UK National Champion Gelding in 2019 and at 5 years old is currently learning the ropes from Ringo. Shires are gentle giants with an immense power and superb work ethic. Britain was built on its forests of oak and the power of the Shire horse; they played a critical role in agriculture, transport and war. Today, there are less than 1,000 breeding females in the UK and the Shire horse is critically endangered. Our shires are the powerhouse of our farm.

The Norman Cob

 The Norman Cob or Cob Normand is a breed of light draught horse that originated in the region of Normandy in northern France. It is of medium size, with a range of heights and weights, due to selective breeding for a wide range of uses. Its conformation is similar to a robust Thoroughbred, and it more closely resembles a Thoroughbred cross than other French draught breeds. The breed is known for its lively, long-striding trot. Common colours include chestnutbay and seal brown.


Teddy & Bear

Miniature Shetland Stallions

8 hh each

Full of character

The Minature Shetland Pony

The Shetland pony is highly intelligent and more powerful than any other horse pound for pound. Harsh conditions on the Shetland Islands and a scarcity of food created extremely hardy animals. Smaller animals were better adapted to that environment and eventually they were selectively bred for work in coal mines. Whilst most mini Shetlands are kept as companions or pets, we intend to use our working minis for light work on the farm, to demonstrate the power and versatility of their breed.

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