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Le Tacheron Limited is a family business run by Charles, Alan and John Edward Le Maistre (and of course our wives and little ones!!!)

We come from a long line of Jersey farmers and grew up working horses with our grandfather. Concerned that the old traditions were being lost, we decided to set up our own farm to preserve them. 

It’s not all about nostalgia. Many traditional farming practices were actually better for the environment. Heavy machinery causes soil compaction and an over dependence on chemicals and tillage can be detrimental to the soil. Large monocrop fields have little value for wildlife. Our aim was to build a farm that works WITH nature.

We use our shire horses wherever possible to minimise soil compaction and to reduce our carbon footprint. They allow us to work sloped, wooded or wetlands which can’t be accessed by other vehicles and their manure is a powerful organic fertiliser. Our farming practices protect the soil and encourage wildlife to flourish.

We use traditional crop varieties and livestock breeds, many of which are on the verge of extinction because they can’t compete on yield. They are often more hardy and better suited to low intensity farming practices. Their products are also nutritionally rich, as they grow slowly and haven’t been engineered for volume.

We don’t just want to look back to the past. Significant advances have been made in modern agriculture and we are privileged to come from an Island with leading dairy and potato industries and exemplary agricultural standards. Our aim is to use that foundation, to combine the best modern knowledge and technology with traditional practices to create a sustainable farm with products that are better for the environment and better for you! 

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